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Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Morning Post on March 7th!


As the new crown epidemic continues to spread across Europe, major leagues such as the Premier League, Serie A, and Ligue 1 have also been affected one after another. The Premier League and Serie A officials have successively announced the cancellation of the pre-match handshake. The current round of Serie A has been postponed due to the epidemic, and all Serie A matches will be held empty before April 3.


Early this morning, Ligue 1 officially confirmed that the current round of the Ligue 1 league between Paris and Strasbourg was forced to postpone. This is the first time that Ligue 1 has been forced to postpone the match due to the epidemic.

今天凌晨,Ligue 1官方确认,巴黎和斯特拉斯堡之间的本轮Ligue 1联赛被迫推迟。这是Ligue 1由于流行病而被迫推迟比赛。

In addition, many clubs have strengthened their daily health management, and Rome has also shown love for the epidemic and donated thousands of masks to local hospitals.


Please see the details below.


Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, this round of the French Ligue 1 Strasbourg home game against Paris will be postponed.


Serie A officially announced that due to the impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in Italy, starting from this weekend's game, the handshake between the two sides before the game will be cancelled, and there will be no children following the players into the field.


The new crown epidemic continues to ferment, and Chelsea officials also issued a statement requiring all personnel visiting Stamford Bridge to wash their hands first.


On March 6, 2020, Beijing time, at a press conference before the Premier League match between Liverpool and Bournemouth, the Reds coach Klopp confirmed that Alisson will miss the second round of the UEFA Champions League match with Atletico due to a muscle injury.


Radio Horizon reporter Alfredo Martínez posted on Twitter that Messi gave a 40-minute speech in the locker room before today’s training session began.

Horizo​​n Radio记者阿尔弗雷多·马丁内斯(AlfredoMartínez)在推特上说,在今天的培训开始之前,梅西在更衣室做了40分钟的演讲。

According to survey data from the Italian media Calcio e Finanza, the new crown pneumonia epidemic will cost Serie A teams about 28.6 million euros in match-day revenue.

根据意大利媒体Calcio e Finanza的调查数据,新的冠状肺炎疫情将使意甲球队在比赛日的收入减少约2860万欧元。

According to British media BBC reports, after Manchester United's 3-0 victory over Derby County, Manchester United player Lingard was attacked by his own fans, which may also contain racially discriminatory remarks.


According to reports from Yahoo Sports, a former coach of Japanese football club Jun Ishio was sentenced to four years in prison for installing cameras in the locker room to spy on female players changing clothes.


According to "Aspen" news, Real Madrid plans to sign Mbappe in 2021, and now they are paying attention to Harland.


The young goalkeeper Kieran O'Hara, who was rented out by Manchester United to the League One team Burton, was suspended for six games for biting his opponent during the game.

年轻的门将基兰·奥哈拉(Kieran O'Hara)被曼彻斯特联队租给了联赛一队伯顿(Burton),因在比赛中咬伤对手而被禁赛六场。

On March 6, Beijing time, the Chinese Football Association announced on its official website that it would carry out "Spring Training" activities in national teams and professional clubs at all levels.


On March 5th, Beijing time, Tianjin Tianhai issued an announcement on the transfer of all equity of Zero Yuan. According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, this decision was communicated by Shu Yuhui through a lawyer.


On March 5th, Beijing time, Tianjin Tianhai issued an announcement on the transfer of all equity of Zero Yuan. According to the "Guangzhou Daily" report, Tianhai's debts are mainly disputes with Modest and Luxemburg.


According to the "Beijing Youth Daily" news, the National Football Team was initially scheduled to end the current training session on March 20 and set off to return home. And even if the last four rounds of the top 40 games are postponed to October and November, the national football team plans to start training in June and September on the two international competition days.


A few days ago, in an interview with the media, Ajax forward Tadic talked about the Champions League semi-finals between Ajax and Tottenham and the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham last year.


On March 5th, Beijing time, Tianjin Tianhai issued an announcement on the transfer of all equity of Zero Yuan. In an interview with "Oriental Sports Daily", Li Weifeng, head of Tianjin Tianhai's coaching staff, said that he only learned about it afterwards.


After the 0-3 Manchester United game in Derby County, Rooney quipped Romero in an interview with BT Sport: "He is really not interesting, I should have scored the goal in the end."

在德比郡(Derby County)举行的曼联0-3比赛后,鲁尼在接受BT Sport采访时嘲笑罗梅罗:“他真的没意思,我本来应该进球。”

Earlier, Real Madrid defeated Barcelona 2-0 in the Spanish national derby. Vinicius opened the scoring for the team. When celebrating the goal, he made a classic "tomahawk" similar to Ronaldo. action.

此前,皇家马德里在西班牙国家德比大战中以2-0击败巴塞罗那。 Vinicius为球队打分。庆祝目标时,他制作了与罗纳尔多类似的经典“战斧”。行动。

After losing to Watford 0-3, Liverpool central defender Lovren was criticized by some media and fans. In this regard, Liverpool coach Klopp said that Lovren is a very good central defender, he knows the ball better than most people.


According to the "Liverpool Echo" news, Klopp is the new ambassador of Germany's largest private wheat beer brewery, ERDINGER Weissbräu, and he has also appeared in beer advertisements in Merseyside pubs.


Recently, Drogba updated his social media and posted a photo with Henry the King of Highbury. The two faced the camera with smiles.

最近,德罗巴(Drogba)更新了他的社交媒体,并与海布里之王亨利(Henry the Highbury)合影。两人面带微笑地对着镜头。

20:30 Premier League Round 29 Liverpool vs Bournemouth


23:00 Premier League Round 29 Arsenal vs West Ham United


23:00 La Liga round 27 Atletico Madrid vs Sevilla


1:30 Premier League 29th round Burnley vs Tottenham Hotspur


1:30 Bundesliga Round 23 Monchengladbach vs Dortmund


1:30 La Liga Round 27 Barcelona vs Real Sociedad


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